Chihaya Kisaragi


Chihaya TD

General Information
Name Chihaya Kisaragi
Age 16
Birthday February 25th
Blood Type A
Star Sign Pisces
Hobbies Music Appreciation
Likes Training
Idol Information
Chihaya autograph
Voice Actor (Seiyuu) Asami Imai
Image Color      Royal Blue
ML Card Type Vocal
TD Card Type Fairy

Chihaya Kisaragi (如月千早 Kisaragi Chihaya?) is one of the main idols in the IDOLM@STER franchise. She is one of the original idols from 765 Productions.


From the Project IM@S Wiki.

Chihaya Kisaragi is known to be gifted with the talent to sing. Chihaya cares about nothing but singing, spending almost all of her time to singing only. She is considered to be "Cool and Serious".

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