Iori Minase


Iori TD

General Information
Name Iori Minase
Age 15
Birthday May 5th
Blood Type AB
Star Sign Taurus
Hobbies Traveling
Likes 100% Orange Fruit Juice
Idol Information
Iori autograph
Voice Actor (Seiyuu) Rie Kugimiya
Image Color      Pink
ML Card Type Vocal
TD Card Type Fairy

Iori Minase (水瀬伊織 Minase Iori?) is one of the main idols in the IDOLM@STER franchise. She is one of the original idols from 765 Productions.


From the Project IM@S Wiki.

Iori comes from a rich family and is the daughter of a corporate CEO who is also acquainted with 765 Production President, Junichirou Takagi. Iori is very polite and sweet towards people she doesn't know or doesn't really care about, especially towards her fans, but to other idols and especially towards the Producer, quick to judge people, and she has a very sharp tongue and a short temper. Because of this, Iori is known as "The little-devil idol". Despite this, Iori has a very soft side of her which she does not like to show because of embarrassment, though in some cases she will break down and act obedient, which makes her a tsundere type character.

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