Miki Hoshii


Miki TD

General Information
Name Miki Hoshii
Age 15
Birthday November 23rd
Blood Type B
Star Sign Sagittarius
Hobbies Talking To Friends
Nail Art
Likes Onigiri
Strawberry Bavarois
Idol Information
Miki autograph
Voice Actor (Seiyuu) Akiko Hasegawa
Image Color      Fresh Green
ML Card Type Visual
TD Card Type Angel

Miki Hoshii (星井美希 Hoshii Miki?) is one of the main idols in the IDOLM@STER franchise. She is one of the original idols from 765 Productions.


From the Project IM@S Wiki.

Miki Hoshii, also known as "The Visual Queen" by her in-game fans, is the main heroine, aside from Haruka. At age 14, Miki is a very lazy and laid-back character, never taking anything seriously. She has above average grades in school, as well as good looks for her age, which makes her receive many confessions of love from boys at her school. Because of this, Miki believes she can reach top idol rather easily.

Before her debut as an idol, Miki slept all day at 765 Production, and skipped her lessons from time to time.

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